New ham radio first connections Germany – Poland

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On August 10, 2023, DB6NT and DK5NJ made four new national first connections on the 122 GHz, 134 GHz, 241 GHz and 660nm laser bands. We had had these missing connections on our to-do list for a long time and so it happened that last Thursday we made our way to the Polish border. Furthermore, Norbert DL4DTU declared that he was willing to accompany us. The OM from Dresden knows the area near Görlitz well and so we quickly found a suitable route. Michael DB6NT was at the German site in JO71KC92MK near the town of Jauernick-Buschbach and Matthias DK5NJ drove with Norbert DL4DTU to JO71MC10JM in Poland, near the town of Osiek Luzycki. The short distance of 6.976 km was selected in order to be able to log all connections quickly, regardless of the weather and planned as a day trip.

Since the weather was good on site, all connections could be confirmed with 59+. Partly also with an open waveguide, i.e. only with the feed in hand, without a dish. 6.9 km is not a spectacular distance, but it is still impressive to experience these field strengths live on the high frequencies. Despite the sunshine during the day, the laser was still very easy to see with the naked eye.

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These QSOs were logged:

BandDateUTCCall 1Call 2RSTLocator
76 GHz10. Aug 202311:22DB6NTSP/DK5NJSSB 59 / 59JO71KC92MK – JO71MC10JM
122 GHz new10. Aug 202311:26DB6NTSP/DK5NJCW 599 / 599JO71KC92MK – JO71MC10JM
134 GHz new10. Aug 202311:30DB6NTSP/DK5NJCW 599 / 599JO71KC92MK – JO71MC10JM
241 GHz new10. Aug 202311:40DB6NTSP/DK5NJSSB 59 / 59JO71KC92MK – JO71MC10JM
660nm Laser new10. Aug 202311:55DB6NTSP/DK5NJAM 59 / 59JO71KC92MK – JO71MC10JM

Some pictures of the happening:

Here’s a little video of the signals: